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Imagine it's the dead of winter but you're getting the itch and want to crank it a few hundred yards. It's doable with a 12' netted area and modern radar technology. The units on thei spage can turn any caged area into a driving range.

I'll start at page top with the PureFlight system. Taking over where the previous models Distance Caddy and Long Ranger began, the PureFlight is the ultimate golf companion. It's so light and compact you can take it anywhere to display a wealth of information on each golf swing including speed, distance, head speed, etc. The pro shops and tutors are already catching on but for avid golfers it's not too far out of affordability at $895.00. If it is a bit for some than purchase a cage and use it to make money at fairs, events and promotions.

If making money is your top interest than the Stalker Sport system may be your choice. The 3 digit display has a switch that converts data to yardage but the radar gun can also be used for any sports ball speed application like soccer, tennis and vehicles. However, for golf it is limited to only speed or yardage and the display must be set to one or the other. The chip in the display is calibrated to track distance on a golf ball only; it won't work accurately for other ball applications.


(except NY)
  • Golf ball flight monitor with integrated Doppler-radar transceiver; Patented technology; Made in USA
  • Shot data displayed on unit and transferable to user's personal computer via serial connection
  • Outputs: Ball Velocity, Club Head Speed, Carry or Carry + Roll Distance, and Power Transfer Ratio %
  • Computer software available for personal practice, club fitting, and golf instruction
  • PureFlight Practice software uploads practice results to PC for improvement tracking
  • PureFlight Fitting program displays shot data real-time on computer for club fitting
  • Portable, compact design; Comes complete with carry bag, cable, mic, instructions
  • Operates using Battery or AC power outlet; Recharge 10 - 12 hrs; Avg. Life 3 - 6 hrs
  • No maintenance required; One (1) year factory warranty; Repaired at factory
  • One (1) year customer service included

Pure Flight Only
Pure Flight, 4" display, carry case & cables
Pure Flight Practice Software CD
Pure Flight Club Fitting software CD
Pure Flight system with 12' cage & netting

  • Stalker SPORT Gun
  • Display Handle
  • 20' Data Cable
  • Tripod & Mounting Cradle
  • 3 Digit Yardage/Speed Display
  • 110v and 12v AC power
  • Tuning Fork

NO TAX (in some states)

Stalker Golf System
Stalker Golf System with 12' cage & netting


External Batteries
Communication Cables
System Hard Case
Choose From Below
Choose From Below
3 Amp Hour- $59.50
7 Amp Hour- $69.50
15 Amp Hour- $99.50
20' ComCable- $39.00
35' Com Cable- $49.00
200' Com Cable- $129.00

100' Extension- $79.00
High quality hard case designed to fit an entire 2x7 display system but can be modified to fit 3x7 display but will not hold tripod in that capacity.

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