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Radar guns have become more consumer friendly over the past few years but that also means there is a lot of junk out there as well.

Manufactures likely will not give you unbiased opinions on which unit is right for you but I can. The units I sell all have a really good track record within their performance specifications and manufacturer support.

There's no doubt that purchasing one of the Stalker units will cover you for maximum performance but is the extra cost really necessary- sometimes it is! Another factor is how the accessories and replacement parts will add up over time. Even battery specs like charge times and costs can be an issue.

There is a glut of pretenders out there but I've found that any unit under $200 can't perform or is seriously lacking in durability. I trust the units on this page to meet the specs and warranty they provide.


SR3500 Sports Radar gun . Jugs cordless radar gun
starting at $288
starting at $795
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Stalker Sport Applied Concepts radar gun . Stalker Pro Ka band Applied Concepts radar gun
starting at $795
starting at $1495
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