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If you want to time tennis serves at practices or as an exhibition at tournaments than you should click on our radar guns page as all units will time tennis balls. If you are interested in a promotional speed serve booth than go to the speed booths page. However, If you need a system that will time serves and display them during matches and tournaments, you are at the right place.

On court serve speeds are of great interest at tournaments as racquet technology and bigger players are making high speeds common place at any level. Small tournaments, collleges and challenger events can now affordably rent an entire system to place on a show court for under $1000 or purchase a system for under $5000.

On court tennis is not the place to skimp on radar quality. There are a number of features necessary when timming tennis players. Least of which is laying out the court with proper placement and cabling so all spectators can view the speeds. Special routing is needed and cables need to be able to transmit upwards of 200' without losing data.

From a radar gun function it can be very diffacult for a standard gun to pick up a ball when there is so much motion of the racquet and player. The Stalker line of radar guns have keypad settings that allow you to set the speed range and distance sensitivity to filter out motion interference.

I recommend the Stalker Pro in tennis set-ups because it also can adjust the reset time of the displays. When a player serves a fault the gun will still read the serve and when the external displays at courtside reset, this can disturb a player begining his second serve motion. Being able to adjsut to a quick reset protects against this.


$4345.00 (purchase)
$845.00 (rental)


System Includes

  • Stalker Pro Radar Gun
  • Hardshell Gun Case
  • Tripod and Gun Clamp
  • 2) 3 Digit Readout Displays
  • Display Dual Junction Box
  • 200' of Display Comm. Cable

Display Number Size is 7"

10" Number sizes are available for an extra $600

NO TAX (except NY)


External Batteries
Communication Cables
System Hard Case
Choose From Below
Choose From Below
3 Amp Hour- $59.50
7 Amp Hour- $69.50
15 Amp Hour- $99.50
20' ComCable- $39.00
35' Com Cable- $49.00
200' Com Cable- $129.00

100' Extension- $79.00
High quality hard case designed to fit an entire 2x7 display system but can be modified to fit 3x7 display but will not hold tripod in that capacity.

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